Darlene SpeakingSpeaking Topics

Darlene has a very interesting, yet down to earth style while presenting her discussion topics. During her speaking engagements she communicates with clarity, humor and practicality. Her dramatic life experiences and closeness to God shine through in all of her talks.

Unpack Your Suitcase:
This talk revolves around and expands on the central theme from Darlene's book, "What's In Your Suitcase?" At the core of this theme is the hope for change and the ability to persevere though difficult challenges that one faces in life. Darlene's personal stories of overcoming addiction, abuse and dysfunction, will bring you assurance that with God's help, change is definitely possible!

Put Down The Masks:
All to often we go though life hiding certain emotions, feelings or struggles behind various masks. We're worried about letting our masks down and allowing the "real" person to become exposed. In a touching and humorous way Darlene shares her personal struggles of hiding behind numerous masks while attempting to live life. She then discusses a safe and reassuring way that allows people to put down ALL the masks and start living a more joyful and abundant life.

The Four A's For Breaking Addiction or Compulsive Behavior:
Darlene directs this talk to specific approaches, mindsets and actions that are required to break free from any chains that have a hold on your life. Maybe it's drugs... alcohol... food... shopping... worry... or being to codependent. If there is anything in your life that is a negative controlling force, the teaching from this session can be applied to those issues. She provides practical and relevant insight on how to make changes or break habits in your life and secure long term, lasting results.

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