Why Have A life Coach?Coaching

Life Coaching can be very valuable for a variety of reasons. Most people that utilize the services of a life coach are looking to make a significant change in certain areas of their life. A good life coach is skilled in helping you make dramatic improvements in these areas.

Behavioral change is vital when it comes to creating good, positive, lasting habits... Darlene's specialty of expertise is connected with Nutrition & Wellness. If you want to make some healthy changes in the area of food & nutrition, Darlene can design a plan specifically for you!

Sometimes people feel that things are pretty good with their life, but they realize that something is missing. Or, even though things are good, people realize that there is still room for improvement.

  • Perhaps you are stuck with a certain habit that you can't kick?

  • Maybe you feel that life is boring and mundane?

  • Do you find yourself never having enough time to get everything done?

  • Are there times that you find yourself searching for more peace & joy?

  • Have you been desiring a more abundant and balanced life?

If you can relate to any of these questions then life coaching could be very helpful for you.

A Life Coach Is A Helper:
A Life Coach is not a therapist... but is more than a consultant... A Life Coach is your personal expert to help you examine certain areas of your life, help you create certain actions to initiate change and help you realize your full potential! You deserve to have an expert committed to your success. You were created with a purpose and a reason, so maybe it's time to start living that way!

I usually work with you over the phone (telephone coaching), often in weekly 45 minute sessions, to partner with you in various aspects of coaching. Many times this consists of various things like: identifying what you want to change, clarifying your innermost values and goals, designing and encouraging you to take action, and helping you move forward for lasting change. Whether you want help achieving a specific goal, or bringing balance to various areas, my assistance can help. I normally establish a monthly coaching plan with an option to continue longer if so desired.

Life Coaching can help with all aspects of your life: Family, Finances, Relationships, Health & Wellness and Spirituality!

I once heard the statement that insanity was continuing to do the same thing over and over again but expecting to create different results. If you want to make change you cannot continue to do the same thing and expect to get something different.

What aspect of your life would you like to change?

If I asked you to create the best case scenario, your ultimate dream or goal for this change, what would it look like in the future?

It's not what your eating - It's what's eating you?Now the most in important questions:

  • How badly do you want this change?

  • What would it mean in your life to have this change?

  • What are you willing to do & invest to achieve this?

If you are serious about making some changes, let's get started on creating your plan!!

Free Initial Session:
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