What's in Your Suitcase?

One of the strongest messages this book delivers is one of hope. It clearly shows how any person, despite their childhood or past circumstances, is presented with opportunities to grow. This growth comes from a relationship with God and continues through trusting your faith and forgiving your past.

Darlene's personal life story revolves around being raised in an extremely toxic and dysfunctional environment, yet finding the skills necessary for survival in those situations. However, anyone can embrace and benefit from the specific points in this book that will allow you to not let your past dictate your present and future. Many times in life we allow events, feelings or emotions to negatively influence our decisions of today. Quite often these issues that we carry around with us significantly contribute towards the reason we struggle with making lasting changes in our life. As we run though life at such hectic paces, it's easy to forget about our suitcase and clearing out the contents that are negatively affecting us. It's not uncommon for life to get so busy that we actually are confused about what's even in our suitcase. This book helps you slow down and realize what's really in your suitcase.

Darlene's shocking story will make you laugh, cry, think, but also bring you hope! If you are looking for answers to turn your life around, help for creating change or simply addressing some underlying issues that have been nagging at you, this book is a must to read! It is impossible to not walk away with a lesson that will make your life better and bring you closer to God!

Darlene's book is not only an interesting read with a great story, it is a powerful message of God's grace, healing, and restoration. I'm proud to be her friend and Pastor and look forward to how God is going to use her book to open up new doors of ministry opportunity.

Jonathan Jarboe
Senior Pastor, Pathway Church

What's In Your Suitcase

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